Two Special Visitors!

IMG_6786.JPGHey guys, guess who came to China for a visit? That’s right, Grams and Papa Haas! After 2 or 3 months with out seeing anyone from back home they were a sight for sore eyes. (Plus who doesn’t love a visit from Grams and Papa!?) On September 20th, they arrived (having survived their own 15 hour plane ride) with two huge suitcases full of goodies that we had requested from good ole US of A. Here is a picture of most of what came out of the suitcases full of loot they brought with them:

img_3356      img_3358

It’s funny how some of the most common place items were received with so much excitement after being without them for three months! The kids have been playing non-stop with the Knexs they brought too. It’s like we get Christmas twice this year! We had so many fun adventures with them through out their stay and went to many of the iconic sites. Stay tuned to hear of our great adventures!



Our Journey to the Other Side of the World


“Off we go, now don’t be slow!
Let fair winds blow the clouds.
Say  goodbye to apple pie,
Your parents and the dog.

Sung wisely in the first act of Missoula Children’s Theatre’s Peter and Wendy, these lyrics can partly summarize our journey to Beijing. We arrived to the Will Rogers World Airport at 4:30 PM, Monday, July 11th, and traveling over thousands of miles, across states, countries, and an ocean, arrived in Beijing on Wednesday, July 13th, at 4:00 AM. Granted, we crossed multiple time-zones over that period; but that’s beside the point.

Right?  Either way, it seemed like a very long time.

After the long process of checking in our large black totes, we said our farewells, got onto our first plane and so the adventure began. Continue reading “Our Journey to the Other Side of the World”