Adventure 2: the Beijing Zoo


This Tuesday we again ventured out into the city and braved the buses and subways of Beijing to get to the Beijing Zoo. To beat the crowds (and the heat) to the zoo Dad decided it would be a good idea to wake us all up at 5:30 to leave at 6:30. Needless to say, it was a slow start but we were very glad that we got there early once we actually got there because of how hot it was afterwards. (Oh, and Nana (Dad’s  mom) came to visit us and tour China for a few weeks.We had a blast with her!) Continue reading “Adventure 2: the Beijing Zoo”


Our First “Real” Adventure


We have been in China about two weeks now, but it was not until last Saturday we took our first ‘real’ adventure. We decided to start off our sight-seeing slow by going to visit the Forest Park, which is located just out side the hustle and bustle of Beijing. With a direct bus ride to right outside the parks gate, this should be easy. Right?

Wrong. Continue reading “Our First “Real” Adventure”

Happy Birthday Toddler Mao!

IMG_5151 IMG_5078

This past Sunday marked the second birthday of our little Chairman Mao. We have not noticed much change in his behavior because Abel decided to get a head start and begin the “terrible two’s” stage early, just to warm us up. Our baby dictator is a fan favorite here in China, and rules the roost at home as well. We are hoping that because he began this “terrible two” stage early, he will end it early, because who could say no to that face? Continue reading “Happy Birthday Toddler Mao!”

A New yet Familiar Church Service

20160717_110908_resized (2).jpg

On Sunday, we took our first adventure as a family, venturing closer to the center of Beijing, to attend the Christian Church here in Beijing. Back in Stillwater, we would complain about the 20 minute drive to Eagle Heights in our air-conditioned, spacious 7 passenger Nissan Quest. This week we took a different way of transportation church, and what an adventure that alternative was. Continue reading “A New yet Familiar Church Service”

Our Journey to the Other Side of the World


“Off we go, now don’t be slow!
Let fair winds blow the clouds.
Say  goodbye to apple pie,
Your parents and the dog.

Sung wisely in the first act of Missoula Children’s Theatre’s Peter and Wendy, these lyrics can partly summarize our journey to Beijing. We arrived to the Will Rogers World Airport at 4:30 PM, Monday, July 11th, and traveling over thousands of miles, across states, countries, and an ocean, arrived in Beijing on Wednesday, July 13th, at 4:00 AM. Granted, we crossed multiple time-zones over that period; but that’s beside the point.

Right?  Either way, it seemed like a very long time.

After the long process of checking in our large black totes, we said our farewells, got onto our first plane and so the adventure began. Continue reading “Our Journey to the Other Side of the World”