Nanjing: The Last Hurrah

Our very last large adventure was to the beautiful, beautiful city of Nanjing. Nanjing was once the capitol of China before Beijing and is now known as “the southern capitol”. In my opinion, Nanjing was the most beautiful city we visited in China. The weather while we were there was gorgeous and we got to tour some beautiful parks including Purple Mountain and the Nanjing City Wall. The purpose of this last trip was to visit a scholar that had trained with Dad at OSU and she set up us in a beautiful hotel adjoining a really nice park. It was during this trip I realized how very much I had missed the countryside, nature, and the sounds of birds even.


On the first day, after arriving in Nanjing we toured the park surrounding the hotel. It bordered a gorgeous lake in the middle of the city and we had a great time exploring the park during our time there.

The second day in Nanjing we got to take an adventure to the Purple Mountain which is a park and, well, mountain (again) near the center of the city. The weather was beautiful and we had a really great time. While we did visit a few parks while in other parts of the country, this one was far my favorite because of the natural look it had. Let me elaborate, where most other parks had trees strategically planted and flowerbed masterfully maintained this park, while very well kept, still did have the natural, more rugged feel then those parks. It reminded me much more of the small forest we live in here in Oklahoma.


Abel and I both thought the ginko leaves were so pretty!


The highlight of the Purple Mountain was the Linggu pagoda which stood 60 meters tall. That is about 198 feet. The view from the pagoda was very astonishing, though I must admit that even though I am not afraid of heights, it was enough to make me nervous!


We also visited two museums while in Nanjing. The Nanjing museum (feat. a dinosaur skeleton) and the Presidential palace (which also had beautiful gardens).

Another favorite place we visited was the Nanjing city wall.The wall overlooked the park by which we stayed, and it was even pretty from above. It was also very interesting to see the stark contrast of architecture through out the city. From the wall it was not uncommon to see a skyscraper built right next to an old-style government building. There were also some replica cannons and other weapons on top of the wall that my siblings enjoyed climbing on (obviously 😉 ). We walked about 1 mile on top of the wall and then, once we reached the end of the wall, walked through the park to get back to the hotel. While it was no rival to the Great Wall, this wall definitely falls second on my list.


Nanjing was one of my favorite trips that we took, much thanks to Xiuli (pronounced Shu-lee) and her wonderful hospitality!

As most of you know, we are now home safe and sound. We still have a few more blog posts we would like to put out, however, so stay tuned for updates!



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