Nanjing: The Last Hurrah

Our very last large adventure was to the beautiful, beautiful city of Nanjing. Nanjing was once the capitol of China before Beijing and is now known as “the southern capitol”. In my opinion, Nanjing was the most beautiful city we visited in China. The weather while we were there was gorgeous and we got to tour some beautiful parks including Purple Mountain and the Nanjing City Wall. The purpose of this last trip was to visit a scholar that had trained with Dad at OSU and she set up us in a beautiful hotel adjoining a really nice park. It was during this trip I realized how very much I had missed the countryside, nature, and the sounds of birds even. Continue reading “Nanjing: The Last Hurrah”


Two Special Visitors!

IMG_6786.JPGHey guys, guess who came to China for a visit? That’s right, Grams and Papa Haas! After 2 or 3 months with out seeing anyone from back home they were a sight for sore eyes. (Plus who doesn’t love a visit from Grams and Papa!?) On September 20th, they arrived (having survived their own 15 hour plane ride) with two huge suitcases full of goodies that we had requested from good ole US of A. Here is a picture of most of what came out of the suitcases full of loot they brought with them:

img_3356      img_3358

It’s funny how some of the most common place items were received with so much excitement after being without them for three months! The kids have been playing non-stop with the Knexs they brought too. It’s like we get Christmas twice this year! We had so many fun adventures with them through out their stay and went to many of the iconic sites. Stay tuned to hear of our great adventures!


A Birthday Trip to Lishu

Can you remember a time when you went on a special trip by yourself? Well on August 31 I was happy to learn that I would be going on a”father/son” trip for my birthday. My Dad then stated that we would be going to Lishu {Lee-shoo} (the part of China that they call the “roosters head”)  We would be going for the Black Soil Forum [a soil conference].It was six hours on the “bullet train”– first class! We didn’t get to the hotel until after 10 pm.  After checking in we went up to our room and realized it was a “Luxury suite”!


Here’s the “living area” in our suite!

Our room was on the seventh floor about six windows from the left side.Also we couldn’t open the windows because of all the wind.

img_5791-001Everyday, three times a day, we had a buffet of about  fifteen dishes. There were always new dishes that were served.


One of these I tried was squid. I liked it.


The first day ,which was also my birthday, Dad gave one of the presentations on this stage.  I got bored listening to all of them, but at least there were tasty refreshments!

img_5810-001Later that night there was a traditional dance. There were also many other dances performed.

img_5853-001 The conference only lasted a couple days.  Before leaving for home we went on a five hour tour of different research areas. The massive building in this picture is the new research station.

img_5933-001 On are way to the train station we saw this interesting observation tower.  Our train left to go back to Beijing at 2:30 pm.

I had a great time on this trip to Lishu and spending time with my dad .If you ever come to China I suggest going to visit Lishu.

— Isaac

The Heart of Xi’an: The Muslim Quarter


Maybe it was the illuminated drum and bell towers. Maybe it was the busy hum of the food street. Or maybe it was the excited hush of back road shops. Whatever it was, it made the Muslim Quarter in Xi’an one of our favorite parts of China. The excitement and diversity we found in the heart of this city made quite an impression!  Continue reading “The Heart of Xi’an: The Muslim Quarter”

“Bullet” Train Adventures


So far in our China adventures, we’ve traveled by plane, van, bus, and subway.  Last week, we experienced a whole new way to travel . . . we took a high speed “bullet” train!

We left Beijing headed to visit two new cities, Xi’an and Yangling.  We will cover those cities and experiences separately in a different post.  Today, we’ll just cover our adventures getting to our destination! Continue reading ““Bullet” Train Adventures”

Our Journey to the Other Side of the World


“Off we go, now don’t be slow!
Let fair winds blow the clouds.
Say  goodbye to apple pie,
Your parents and the dog.

Sung wisely in the first act of Missoula Children’s Theatre’s Peter and Wendy, these lyrics can partly summarize our journey to Beijing. We arrived to the Will Rogers World Airport at 4:30 PM, Monday, July 11th, and traveling over thousands of miles, across states, countries, and an ocean, arrived in Beijing on Wednesday, July 13th, at 4:00 AM. Granted, we crossed multiple time-zones over that period; but that’s beside the point.

Right?  Either way, it seemed like a very long time.

After the long process of checking in our large black totes, we said our farewells, got onto our first plane and so the adventure began. Continue reading “Our Journey to the Other Side of the World”