Our Journey to the Other Side of the World


“Off we go, now don’t be slow!
Let fair winds blow the clouds.
Say  goodbye to apple pie,
Your parents and the dog.

Sung wisely in the first act of Missoula Children’s Theatre’s Peter and Wendy, these lyrics can partly summarize our journey to Beijing. We arrived to the Will Rogers World Airport at 4:30 PM, Monday, July 11th, and traveling over thousands of miles, across states, countries, and an ocean, arrived in Beijing on Wednesday, July 13th, at 4:00 AM. Granted, we crossed multiple time-zones over that period; but that’s beside the point.

Right?  Either way, it seemed like a very long time.

After the long process of checking in our large black totes, we said our farewells, got onto our first plane and so the adventure began.


Many of you will notice that there are more than seven in this picture. Let me introduce you to Scarlett. When asked what she wanted to be said about her as her introduction, she told me to “say whatever you want, I trust you”, so I am going to try my very best to introduce her in a way that exhibits all of her awesomeness. She is a college graduate, babysitter, our tutor, previous neighbor, caregiver, helper, Eli’s personal travel buddy, and friend, all in one bundle of greatness. I’m sure you will get to know her better over the next few months, because she is an essential part of our trip.

And now back to the story.


This picture was taken right before we boarded our first flight. The sheer excitement shown in this picture quickly wore off, even after the short flight to Houston. By the time we exited the plane to Beijing, flying was old hat to these pros. Abel was especially bored during these flights and he made sure everyone on the plane knew it.



Everyone who has flown can attest to the fact that layovers are the definition of boredom. I will not go into detail on this particular part of the trip because, aside from a stop a Wendy’s, I think that these pictures thoroughly describe what happened during these 3 hours of our life. But one word of advice, do not use the escalators or moving sidewalks as entertainment. Apparently the security guards do not appreciate that….


And then we sat for 15 hours in a metal tube in the sky. And sat. Then wiggled. And sat….
Sleeping was a challenge, but lucky they had a movie player to entertain us for a few hours of the flight. Abel especially had a hard time sleeping, so Mom and Dad probably got an hour of sleep each.


After we claimed our luggage after we landed in Beijing, we ended the trip the way we began it, with a picture. And not much had changed. Unless you count that we were in a completely different county after spending over half of a day in a metal tube with minimal sleep and space. Alright, a lot had changed, but one thing did stay the same. We were with the people we loved and were eager to start a new adventure together.

And we had all of our luggage. That was nice too.





3 thoughts on “Our Journey to the Other Side of the World

  1. AWESOME, Audrey. Keep it coming!!!! Love all the pictures…..and your stories take us right there with you. Love all of you…..be safe.


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