It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

20160930_172417       20160930_174626            On a Friday afternoon in September, we decided to go to the “Hutongs”. Hutongs are alleyways and lanes of old and close together houses that are arranged around a central courtyard. Most Hutongs are found by the Forbidden City. We took the bus and subway to get to there. Once we arrived, we immediately went into a leather working shop. That would be one of the many shops we visited. Here are some of the other shops we saw : a “snuff” shop, many food vendors, amber rock shop, bubble drink vendor, tea shops, and music shops. (We all learned not to drink the dry ice in the bubble drink!) I liked all the food we tried, including lamb kabbobs and the “candied fruit on a stick”.

img_6873      20160930_174513

20160930_175746  20160930_185622

After “seeing the sights” we got back on the subway. We were going to the Olympic Park next. Once at the grounds, we got some more snacks and then went into the complex. We immediately saw the towering “Bird’s Nest” Stadium and the interesting “Water Cube”. The Water Cube, as its name suggests, was the water sports arena for the 2008 Summer Olympics. It would change from it’s normal blue color to blue green and also pink. The “Broadcasting Tower” also changed all the colors of the rainbow. Overall, I was amazed by how huge it all was.  Seeing the Hutongs and Olympic Park were awesome!









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