Climb Every Mountain

IMG_6441.JPGEver since we moved to China we have wanted to climb the mountain we can see out side our apartment window, but we had to wait for the right day. It couldn’t be smoggy, and we didn’t want to be melting from the heat and (ugh) humidity. Finally, one Saturday after we had returned from our trip to Xi’an we decided that “today was the day”

IMG_6345.JPGAfter we arrived we decided to take a picture before beginning the hike. From the base of the mountain we could look up and see our end goal, a pagoda perched at the top. So we began to climb. We were luck enough that the path was paved so we did not have to take Abel out of the stroller, we could just push. Still, the path was steep, so Scarlett, Mom, and Dad surely got their exercise in!img_6348IMG_6366.JPG

As we began to get higher, we started to look for our apartment building in the city below. Finally we found it.IMG_6404.JPGIMG_6368.JPG

At that point, we decided it was time for a snack break. And if you know us, you know we love our snack breaks!IMG_6375.JPG

Eventually, we reached the steps up to the pagoda. We were so excited to see up close the pagoda we had looked at out our window for 2 months! After the picture we raced up the steps and were….


slightly disappointed…. Turns out the pagoda wasn’t as majestic up close as it looked from our window. Oh well, it was definitely worth the view of the city. From our spot we could see the Summer Palace, the Olympic Park, and even a glimpse of downtown Beijing. At another look out by the pagoda you could look back and see the mountains behind you. We may or may not have lost Eli for a short period of time at this point in the trip, but all’s well that ends well, right? 😉


After a substantial time (and another snack break) we decided to start the trek back down the mountain. We then noticed that there were two paths down the mountain, the one paved one which we had come up and a steep stone one down the side. Being the adventurers we are, Dad and the kids (excepting Abel) decided to take this more rugged path.

img_6426IMG_6433.JPGWe met up at the bottom of the mountain and begin the trip home. When we arrived back to apartment we looked out the window with a sense of accomplishment thinking “I conquered that mountain”.


PS: I haven’t mentioned smog before, but today is a really smoggy day. I thought I’d attach a picture of the smog today for you to compare to the top picture to see the
Yep, that’s all smog friends! Mm, poison!! 😉


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