Jiaozi: A Documentary

Hey everyone! A post about the Terracotta warriors is in the works, but today I wanted to share this post from a few weeks ago that I never got posted. While this isn’t our dumpling feast from Xi’an, this dinner definitely was a feast! Read down below to find out more! Thanks for checking in! Audrey


In lieu of a blog post, we decided to make a video this week! Use this link and surf your way over to check it out.

For the past month, we have had a dinner party for the students we are getting to know during the weekend. We have eaten some foods you would find in America (pizza, pancakes, and this week, spaghetti), but last week the students offered to teach us how to make jiaozi (pronounced “jow-zu”), which are steamed dumplings. They provided all of the ingredients and the know-how to make the meal possible. Our dumplings were filled with pork and cabbage, and were oh so delicious! We ended up making about two hundred dumplings. Needless to say we still have some stuck in the freezer! We had so much fun learning to make jiaozi, and an even better time eating them!




One thought on “Jiaozi: A Documentary

  1. This is great! Loved seeing the video of everyone working together. Don’t you admire how they prepare food without measuring and using all the fancy utensils we have? All that deliciousness created with only a knife and chopsticks!


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