A New Mode of Transportation

thumbnail_IMG_2994.jpgThere are many modes of transportation here in Beijing, but this week we experienced one that set itself apart from any other.

The most common ways of getting around in Beijing are by walking, catching the bus, or taking the subway. On the way to church we use all three modes of transportation. This Sunday we added another way to our portfolio. After church we decided to grab lunch with some of our new friends. The restaurant was a few blocks down the road so we decided to pile as many people as we could into their motor-scooter they fondly call “trike”. In the end we crammed 9 people onto the cart. Their 5 year old daughter Lily immediately instructed us to take of our shoes, and after this procedure was carried out, off we went. (The moms walk with the strollers) Now, as I’ve said before, our outings attract attention in and of themselves so you can only imagine the stares and smiles we received bumping down the road. (This gave a whole new meaning to the term “clown car”) We survived the Chinese traffic, which is an achievement as well. It was a short ride, but it saved us the energy of walking, so we were all happy. But when we really needed the scooter was during the walk home from the bus stop, which we fondly call “The Walk of Terror”.




6 thoughts on “A New Mode of Transportation

      1. We call it the Walk of Terror for multiple reasons. First of all, to get home from the bus stop, we have to cross at the intersection, and in China pedestrians do *not* have the right away. We like to say the green man means there is a possibility of survival, and the red man means certain peril. πŸ˜‰ Second, usually by the time we get to this stop we have been out all day and are plumb worn out so it makes the walk seems miles long. It is definitely one of my least favorite parts about our adventures! πŸ˜‰


  1. I also wonder about the “Walk of Terror”?! And, why take your shoes off to get in the trike? They seem to be used by the Chinese in the same way we use a pick up truck. In that case, I’d especially want my shoes ON.


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