Some Things are Bigger in China…

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This is a picture of our last meal out to eat. I know what you are thinking, “Okay, that is definitely more than seven people.” And you would be quite right.

On July 24 we began to attend the Beijing International Christian Fellowship, and it was a great fit. Funny story actually, while walking to the church we saw a Caucasian family of six walking down the road to the church. This was one of the only Caucasian families we had seen up to this point, so we did what must naturally be done. We began to follow them. I mean, where else would they be going? Sure enough, they lead us right to the church. (Also funny story. The Church is held in the same hotel/conference center where Chairman Mao used to hold all of his big communist party meetings..CLAIMIN’ FOR THE KINGDOM. ;)) When we finally caught up with the family, they introduced themselves. Mrs. Kathy and Mr. Bryan have four young kids, the oldest girl being about Isaac’s age. She and Annie immediately hit it off, and it’s good to see Annie have a friend to play with. After using “the force” to close the elevator doors, we journeyed up to the third floor where the Church meets. Immediately we were met with more smiling faces and welcoming conversations. The service was good and they had child care (so that’s a plus!). We returned this past Sunday and I can foresee us attending this church until we return home.

(Side-Note: Because this Church is not State-Sponsored everyone who attends must have a non-Chinese passport [in other words, be a citizen from another country]. Because of this there is obviously a lot more diversity. [and a lot more people who speak English!] Surprisingly they never asked us to prove we were foreigners… I don’t know, I thought we looked pretty Chinese. ;))

This Sunday we returned to this Church and meet another homeschool family who was originally from Wisconsin. They had lived in northern China for the past few years, and moved to Beijing about the same time we did. Mrs. Cheryl and Mr. Jon have three boys ages 16, 13, and 11. They have been so helpful in helping us with everything, from shopping to good apps to get. They even helped us get a toaster, two scooters, and a ripstick (and loaned us their crockpot!). It was like Christmas day! Isaac especially hit it off with the boys.

I’m sure you have picked up by now that these were the two families we went out to eat with. Needless to say, our total of 19 Americans got a few weird looks walking to the Kro’s Nest, a pizza place near church. Now, the Kro’s Nest is not just any regular pizza place, it’s a mega pizza place. We are talking pizza over two feet in diameter. Man, that was good stuff…

Finally, once our tummies (and spirits) were full of happiness, we began the long trek home. We are beginning to grow here in China, and get used to the new environment around us. But now we must brace ourselves for the real storm. Here it comes!




5 thoughts on “Some Things are Bigger in China…

  1. What a blessing to connect with fellow believers! Kindred hearts are knit even closer when you are strangers in a foreign land. Many people claim that those “connections” or “coincidences” happen because “it’s a small world.” I believe they all happen because we serve a BIG GOD!


  2. Have just caught up & read all your blogs so far. What a fascinating adventure! I especially enjoyed reading about the churches you’ve attended. I’m sure singing the familiar songs made you feel “at home & connected”! You will have 10,000 Reasons & more when this trip is all said & done! I look forward to being there through your eyes & blogs. God bless you! Linda Hopp


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