Adventure 2: the Beijing Zoo


This Tuesday we again ventured out into the city and braved the buses and subways of Beijing to get to the Beijing Zoo. To beat the crowds (and the heat) to the zoo Dad decided it would be a good idea to wake us all up at 5:30 to leave at 6:30. Needless to say, it was a slow start but we were very glad that we got there early once we actually got there because of how hot it was afterwards. (Oh, and Nana (Dad’s  mom) came to visit us and tour China for a few weeks.We had a blast with her!)

The zoo had many animals that you wouldn’t see at the OKC zoo. A few of our favorites were the pandas (more on them later), red pandas, and tons of monkeys. Because we got there early most of the animals were out and about, especially the monkeys. The monkeys we saw were small but very energetic (Like Eli?) . There was a small pool in their pen which they enjoyed jumping into. It looked like they were having so much fun, and considering the heat of the day, I almost consider joining them. There were also many baby monkeys in the exhibit, some so small that they were still unstable on their feet. They were definitely the cutest monkeys I had ever seen (not counting my siblings of course 😉 ).

Now on to the part which you all are waiting for: the pandas.


This is just one of the cute little (not really that little) guys that we got to see. As you can see, his pen was a bit over-grown (as were most of the pens in the zoo), but he seemed to like it that way. And you can see he is just going to town on that bamboo. He ate both the stalk and the leaves, but it was evident that the leaves were his favorite. THEY WERE SO FLUFFY! I wanted to jump in the pen and hug him, and considering the old-style of the pen, I could quite easily do so if I wanted to bad enough.

So far, this has been my favorite adventure. I mean, there were pandas! (And do you really think that going to the Forest Park would be my favorite? Really? 😉 ). Though they could take landscaping and yard keeping lessons from the OKC zoo, it was the coolest zoo I have been too, and because we didn’t even get through half of the zoo, I’m sure we will be returning soon. We will be sure to keep you po-One second…. *What is it Dad? You want me to put that in? Okay, got it.* Dad wanted me to put this picture in, and he wants you to answer what you think the panda is saying in the comments. You know, just for fun 😉 :


(I know, it was a very photogenic panda… Lucky…)

Well, I guess that’s everything. Second successful adventure down (high fives self), who knows how many more to go….



10 thoughts on “Adventure 2: the Beijing Zoo

  1. Comment from photogenic panda, “Hey, I know it looks like a rough life, but somebody’s got to be here to entertain the tourists!”
    The faces and expressions on the pandas look so person-like. Sounds like you all had a great time!


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