Everything is AWESOME!

IMG_5201.JPGGuys. We found a Dominoes. I repeat, WE FOUND A DOMINOES! And it’s only about a 20 minute walk away. Granted, that is further than most Americans would walk for pizza, but hey, WE FOUND A DOMINOES! It’s a cute little store, and it is pretty clean too. The pizzas come in two sizes, one is about a personal pan size; the other, about the size of a medium in the US. And to be honest, the Dominoes here is probably better than Oklahoma Dominoes, in multiple ways. One of the bonuses to this Dominoes was that we actually got to watch our pizzas be made. Now, at most restaurants in China, that is probably something you do not want to do, but here it was pretty cool.


After our delicious and nutritious dinner we headed back home to finish Scarlett’s initiation into the Ochsner family by watching this movie:


Now that is a good movie. Believe it or not, this is one of the only movies (or activities, really) that can hold our entire family’s attention for a whole 100 minutes. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it, you need to look it up. Each member of our family (excepting Abel of course) knows this movie forwards and backwards, and “Everything is Awesome” can frequently be heard around our house. So it was only appropriate that to become a full blown member of the Ochsner Crew, Scarlett would need to experience this epic movie to have any idea what in the world we were talking about. To add to the effect of our first Chinese movie night we found some caramel corn at our local market. It definitely was not as good as the fresh popped popcorn, but it was popcorn.

Through out the night Annie repetitively asked “Who votes that this is our new Friday tradition?” I think it was unanimous yes. It’s nice to begin to develop some schedule and tradition here, even though we are so far away from our regular schedule and traditions. But then again, we are thoroughly enjoying not having any schedule.



4 thoughts on “Everything is AWESOME!

  1. Glad to hear about new traditions in your non-traditional setting. I hope that your family draws even closer to one another through sharing these unique experiences and through developing creative strategies to survive and thrive in this new environment. (BTW, did Dominoes offer any “unusual” toppings for the pizza?)


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