Happy Birthday Toddler Mao!

IMG_5151 IMG_5078

This past Sunday marked the second birthday of our little Chairman Mao. We have not noticed much change in his behavior because Abel decided to get a head start and begin the “terrible two’s” stage early, just to warm us up. Our baby dictator is a fan favorite here in China, and rules the roost at home as well. We are hoping that because he began this “terrible two” stage early, he will end it early, because who could say no to that face?

Because we do not have a toaster oven, oven, or even microwave in our apartment, we had to find a different alternative to a birthday cake than the usual “Betty Crocker cakes by Audrey”. We were lucky enough to discover a cake shop only about 15 to 20 minutes walk from our apartment. It was a small shop with a glass case on one of the walls filled with cakes. Now, do not be fooled! Upon closer inspection we discovered that the cakes in the case were not real, only an example of what you could get. I have noticed this theme throughout many of the shops and restaurants we have walked by, and to be honest, I would not mind if American restaurants took up that trend! Anyways, after looking through the dozens of cakes they had on display for any and every occasion, we picked out a lovely little tiger cake. The cake was surprisingly cheap, much less than a Walmart cake. We placed our order and went to pick up the cake the next day.

For Abel’s party we decided to make tacos. It was a nice taste of home and a break from our switch to a Chinese diet. To top of the festivities, we invited our host Dr. Ren and his wife to join us. The cake turned out to be delicious, although it was much lighter than cake in America. It had almost a twinkie texture.

At the end of the day, our first Chinese birthday party boiled down to the same stuff as an American birthday party would. Good food and friends.

Well, I guess we didn’t have any ice cream, but that would have made a sticky mess on the bus ride home. Maybe that’s an adventure for another day.



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