A New yet Familiar Church Service

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On Sunday, we took our first adventure as a family, venturing closer to the center of Beijing, to attend the Christian Church here in Beijing. Back in Stillwater, we would complain about the 20 minute drive to Eagle Heights in our air-conditioned, spacious 7 passenger Nissan Quest. This week we took a different way of transportation church, and what an adventure that alternative was. At 9:50 we met our guides Ting-Ting and Yilee outside our apartment. From there we walked to the bus stop outside of our university to wait for our bus. But even though these buses do come about every ten minutes, you do not know exactly when. And when the bus operator opens the doors for approximately 5 seconds for new passengers to board, it can make just getting on the bus an adventure within itself.
Luckily, we did all board the bus safe and sound and endured the steamy hour ride to the stop nearest the Christian Church. It was not far from that stop to the church.We arrived at the church about 15 minutes early, and it is a good thing we did. By the time the service began, there were only a few seat remaining. The service begin with singing “10000 Reasons”. We went on to sing other songs that we might sing at Eagle Heights, like “I Believe” and the “Revelation Song”. The preaching was also in English. These small details reminded me of home, and gave me the comfort that even here, on the other side of the world, we have brothers and sisters to love and encourage us.
Also, while at church we saw another American family, which we have not seen since we left the US. They were on a tour, and would not be at that church again, but even though the Chinese people here have been wonderful and friendly, it was nice to talk to someone who’s first language was English.
Near the end of the service, the choir and congregation sang us a song they called “Our Welcome Song” to those who were first timers at the church. The energy and joy that they sang that song with really made me feel welcome, and I can imagine we will return to that service again.


PS: To those at EHBC, Hi!!! We miss you all!



8 thoughts on “A New yet Familiar Church Service

  1. Was this an ICF (International Christian Fellowship) church or a Chinese church? Did they also have services in Mandarin? Glad you got to connect with another American family…where were they from?
    How close is the nearest subway station to your apartment?


    1. The church we attended was a State Sponsored church and also held services in Mandarin. Surprisingly, most of the attendees at our service were Chinese.
      The family we talked to was from Kentucky. We didn’t do much with them, but Mom did enjoy chatting with them before the service. It may sound weird, but even the sight of them was comforting because we honestly had not seen any other Caucasians since we left the airport. That being said, coming here has really opened my eyes to how it must be for internationals coming to our country.
      The nearest subway station is probably about an hour’s walk from our apartment, but luckily there is a bus station only ten/fifteen minutes walk away. From there you can take a bus to the station. -Audrey


  2. Wow! Sounds so exciting! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I look forward to reading more of your stay in China. I would love to go someday to see the Terracotta Warriors. Have fun making memories!


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