Our First Authentic Chinese Meal


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After leaving the airport and briefly putting things away at our new apartment, we went to eat at a restaurant located in our neighborhood.  It is traditional for a “special” meal to be held in it’s own room (apart from the rest of the people in the restaurant).  It’s also a meal staple to have hot water served as your drink.  Tusheng Ren, the host for our visit to China and Tyson’s colleague, did the ordering for us.  He selected several dishes that were familiar to our family (sweet and sour pork, chicken fried rice, and beef and vegetables), but also some that were quite unique.  We have a picture of a couple of them.

The picture on the left is of a “sweet and sour fish” dish that was ordered for us.  You can see the head, fins, and tail on the plate.  It is somehow filleted open, breaded, and then fried.

The picture on the right is obviously a chicken. In America, we love our fried chicken.  But anyone notice what’s different about this dish?  You can see the head of the chicken in the picture on the left of the plate (and of course the wings and legs as well). It was like he sat on our plate and then was fried into place.

So far we have been impressed with the kids’ willingness to try the different dishes we have ordered.  So far they have enjoyed almost everything they’ve eaten.  You might also like to hear we’ve embraced the culture by only eating with chopsticks. Even in our apartment.  The only person who has a fork is Abel (and occasionally Eli).  That’s it.  Two forks in our drawer. We also have not yet been offered a fork (even for the kids) when we’ve dined out.  I guess when in China, do as the Chinese do.

– Stephanie




One thought on “Our First Authentic Chinese Meal

  1. Hao chi! Excellent job of diving right into your culture! The presentation of the food seems to receive as much effort as the preparation. With as much food as they set before you – it’s funny that they give you such a tiny plate. How’s meal time going in the apartment?


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